Moving home.

Its pain,
pain to the root of the problem,
come on home,
with no home to come to,

but who are you?,

you to me?.

hold me one,
faithful time,

leave me to believe,
that this isn’t an end,

a new beginning,

or a resend,
a failed attempt,
or a success,

come my heart,
let us take a walk,
with each other,

sweet sounds,
sweet dark,
luscious understanding,

a non romantic ending,
to a romantic talk,

tick tock goes the clock,
and then you’re gone,
or maybe i,

who am i to lie,
for i cannot,
not to you,
i cannot go on,

it’s time to pack up and move home,

i have no regrets,
as i close that door,

tell me,
tell me once more,
oh loves just a friend,
another lie,
another truth,

let the wine flow,
i think,
locking that door.


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