Lament not, love

Lament not,
for I do care,
for I do cherish,
for I do come to thy aid,
for I do consider you in everything,

lament not,
I considered this,
for a long time,
no other have I asked,
and clarity is what you gave me,

lament not,
when you look at the time,
see me,
everything is real,

lament not,
we are all that was,
and will be,
you still feel deeply for me,
with a golden heart,
but your head full of woe,

lament not,
I cannot promise,
but minds change,
as do we,

lament not,
I am standing on the beach with you,
head on your shoulder,
and yours leaning on me,

I am sad,
I remember all the good,
that was done,
the relationship we had,
or did not,
One thing was strong,

I do not lament,
but know,
in action you chose me,
you chose to do,
to kiss,
to hold,
to gift me with riches,
to be bold enough to say,
those three words back to me,
even if I was more emotionally bold,

I will not put conflict upon this,

Lament not,

for you are never that far away,
no matter where I may be,
you are on my mind,
I hope that you are doing well,

and that you remember me,

lament not,

Love me as you have always done and always did.


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