In silence

In silence,
we think about our selves,
about the lives we lead,
how we can help,
or the mother’s that bore us to this world,

In silence,
we constitute what gives us meaning,
contemplate the future,
and wish it all could just be different,

In silence,
it’s a cycle,
of regrets,
of wanting them,
that one person,
it’s being bad to yourself,
and holding on to grudges,
that you may or may not want,

In silence,
we feel our greatest feelings,
dream of miracles,
visuals of what will be,
or what we would like it to be,
or not to be,

In silence,
we play through the galleries of our minds,
memory stilled in a moment,
a picture,
framed in joy,
in the best of feelings,
but there’s always one,
to bring us too our knees,
please just go away,

In silence,
I think about where i am to be,
if it’s not here,
not with him,
not in the life that has lead me,
seven years down the line,
to this,
on a precipice,
of a turning age,

In silence,
I hope,
for hope,
and long learned,
heart filled days,
and nights,
that give my life meaning,
and my eventual death,
to part in the best of ways.


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