There’s this faint light,
a wee candle in my heart,
that flickers and glimmers for you,

it brightens,
when I think I may hear from you,
and darkens when I don’t,

it beems,
when it seems we are in sync with each other,

at the thought of being,
talking about everything,
sitting in silence,
reading books,
or watching tv,

its warm,
when I remember,
kinder easter bunnies,
gestures that are both warm and kind,
the way your heart of gold shines,

I enjoy it,

but at a distance,
my light is but a candle,
living on the window ledge of my heart,
a flame in the dark,

letting you,
see me,

to come home,

to feel warm,

but it won’t glow forever,
I know,
even if I put it out now,
it would come back,
the minute our eyes meet,

and I would have to admit,

That’s love.


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