Palpable Skies

silent pauses sweet under an empty sky,
comith the dawn,
a new day and a new age,
we cannot,
I cannot go back,
on the choices that I have made,

as ive said,
to hold the door open,
is a mistake,
yet I look through its mouth,
a gaping crack of light,
shining through,
for me to see all that I have,
let go of,
or still have a safety line,
attached too,
hoping for someone to yank at it,
alerting me to their need,

but at that speed,
I will pause,
shall or should I,

I look to the sky,
knowing what is,
and what isnt me,

I miss them,
perhaps them also,
my wayward home,

but the time moves us on,
with still pauses,
silently looking at the sweet palpable skies.


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