I quit; Cannabis.

It's been almost 3 weeks since I quit smoking Cannabis or weed. In combination with that, tobacco. I was never big on smoking cigarettes, they seemed pointless to me but when combined with that gorgeous bud, it just made everything more tolerable. And cheaper. What was I tolerating though? Was it my life? The never ending story of political comedy that had stop being funny? or just everything that I couldn't look in the eye?


One Good Friendship

Find me in the library, trying to get somewhere, to concentrate on what I have been given, from feminist book A, to philosophy book B, see me in the library, trying to ignore that stare, the mindful knowing, that you look at me from over there, it is not nice....

Strike and Occupy

They continue, like a Pink Floyd song with no seeming end. Unlike such trippy and enthrawlling music this Strike of the UCU with all lecturers and their fellow pension holders continues...

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