My Game of Thrones Theory!

Click the link below to find out more about my Dragon glass/ Obsidian theory and how it can REALLY be used to fight the White Walkers and the army of the dead!   Obsidi-Bomb Theory / Game Of thrones


Short Story – Barriers Within; Routed in truth.

Sometimes we cross barriers within ourselves, we see only that which we have built and then what truely lies behind it. Like any good story it is routed in a truth or thruths that we have long since forgotten because the human mind isn't perfect. We do things, make choices that harness our mistakes to…Read more Short Story – Barriers Within; Routed in truth.

Knights mother (Short story) 

she stood tall with the shotgun in her hand. "put it down now or I'll blow your brains in" she screamed. The burglars froze still clutching a couple necklaces, a tv and some medals. "now hen, ye dinnae want tae dae anyhin rash... just calm doon". The lady in her nighty growled, pointed the gun…Read more Knights mother (Short story) 

Blog. Earth date 1/11/2016 -Two Months till 2017. 

So I don't know much about you or your circumstances but I think we could all agree that this year has been rather terrible.  Sometimes I wonder if I'll live to see the destruction of this world due to our own ignorance or being blindly led by leaders who just pander to the people with…Read more Blog. Earth date 1/11/2016 -Two Months till 2017.