Book #2 update

ok, so here I am going to start writing about the progress of my next book. Which is, stalling, more so because I have come to re-read a lot of pre-written material I have done over the past year or so. I am finding the task difficult as these poems/writings, are FULL of super deep and sensitive materials. Not enough to make up a conspiracy but enough to give pause for thought.


I quit; Cannabis.

It's been almost 3 weeks since I quit smoking Cannabis or weed. In combination with that, tobacco. I was never big on smoking cigarettes, they seemed pointless to me but when combined with that gorgeous bud, it just made everything more tolerable. And cheaper. What was I tolerating though? Was it my life? The never ending story of political comedy that had stop being funny? or just everything that I couldn't look in the eye?

Strike and Occupy

They continue, like a Pink Floyd song with no seeming end. Unlike such trippy and enthrawlling music this Strike of the UCU with all lecturers and their fellow pension holders continues...

Strikes – UCU in Scotland – Stirling Uni

Strikes! YIKES! What an inconvenience. HOW DARE THEY? yet dare they do... IF you live in the UK then you have bound to have heard the news about the UCU strikes. This being that lecturers, tutors and others from universities across the UK are striking due to a massive change in their pensions and overall their pay..... (click to read more)

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