#75 – Rap Poet Writer.

Sittin watching all the shades of green turning grey, I wonder why I couldn't make it through yesterday, But yesterday's gone, I am reaching for my phone, I have got a puzzle I cant solve, ' Dissolve into another victory, This mystery of life is alluding me, Choosing me, To be something brighter, I guess…Read more #75 – Rap Poet Writer.


#47 – Journey’s Done

It is done, The long study, The fearful epilogue to the journey now gone, I am confident in my skills, Lyrically thrilling, Bone chilling, Filling and zipping through your heart to the next dimension of provocation, What location you ask, Any you wish, The next step is a massive leap of faith, Hold on tight,…Read more #47 – Journey’s Done

#37 – Comforting Passages

Even when its all done sailed, You've been fired, Impaled on impending reality, It sinks in slowly, A panic in quicksand, Cause you took the wrong step, Now utterly regret, But never forget it was a journey worth having, You cry a torrent, Downloading tears, Uploading new thoughts of miserable acceptance, Clutching hard to the…Read more #37 – Comforting Passages