The King of Curses

Born bare unto the world, a prince, for 3 days, till he was tied and laid to waste, but kinder hearts prevailed, once again he was a prince, but not home....


Absent father.

We as children are fond of the idea, That our parents are eternal, That they love us, Hold us, No matter how far, No matter how absent..

This little age

This little age, seems so small right now, until, I sit in the lecture hall, filled, a booming voice that educates, remenising about the 60's, 70's and the years before my birth, in awe i am...


oh my faithful friend, you're like Hodor, holding onto the door of technology, lost in the past, but still in the present, struggling to stay alive, glitching out, as something more powerful, tries to install itself on you, my Dell Latitude, hold the door, there's still life in you yet.

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