are you, addicted?  to being connected? to your partner? your friends? to work?  to everything that may not have an end?  do you lie to yourself? or do you face your hideous truths? are you them? or are you, you? have you looked in the mirror yet? does your conscious point to you? or everyone…Read more Introspective

Of Green and Blue

With great eyes, of green and blue, we stared back at each other, remembering all the years of me and you, the lingering feelings, thoughts, worries, and truth, facing it together, as we face each other, one another, silently in tune, sweet silence, with sweeter doom, it has been, an age, and lifetimes coming, I've…Read more Of Green and Blue

Track of the days

I've lost track of the days, and ways in which to be happy, what an anger you've caused, all down to your loss, and it is indeed heavy, on my mind, on our souls, we wish to have you once more, but the angers seeds deeper roots, growing into lashes of stems, reaching out to…Read more Track of the days