A place in History

I give you credit, only because you have been there, my muse, an indefinable relationship, you have not written my words, but are a part of the story, a key character...


Every little letter

Have you read these? Every little letter, scentence, and, Stanza...

#62- Always and Beyond

A hundred miles feels like lightyears, The space between is an abyss I wish to conquer, The time is fleeting by so fast And yet, So slowly I feel like a timelord lost in the hands of a pocket watch, The silence is deafening and your voice mute, Except from the moments flashing in my... Continue Reading →

#60- Fleeting 

Fleeting, Time streaming by from dawn till dusk, Must, I ask you, Go home so soon? For I only, Wish for another, Hour or two, To be within our peace, for me the days are weeks, And the weeks are months, And the months are years, Gone to time, Fleeting by so silently, Apart from... Continue Reading →

43- Never Disolving

Home is where the heart is. My heart is in many places, my heart is love for many faces but my love is only true for one who blessed me with many graces, who knows me more but doesn't say it, who holds me close but keeps a distance. My heart has been parted in... Continue Reading →

#37 – Comforting Passages

Even when its all done sailed, You've been fired, Impaled on impending reality, It sinks in slowly, A panic in quicksand, Cause you took the wrong step, Now utterly regret, But never forget it was a journey worth having, You cry a torrent, Downloading tears, Uploading new thoughts of miserable acceptance, Clutching hard to the... Continue Reading →

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