Every little letter

Have you read these? Every little letter, scentence, and, Stanza...


#62- Always and Beyond

A hundred miles feels like lightyears, The space between is an abyss I wish to conquer, The time is fleeting by so fast And yet, So slowly I feel like a timelord lost in the hands of a pocket watch, The silence is deafening and your voice mute, Except from the moments flashing in my…Read more #62- Always and Beyond

#37 – Comforting Passages

Even when its all done sailed, You've been fired, Impaled on impending reality, It sinks in slowly, A panic in quicksand, Cause you took the wrong step, Now utterly regret, But never forget it was a journey worth having, You cry a torrent, Downloading tears, Uploading new thoughts of miserable acceptance, Clutching hard to the…Read more #37 – Comforting Passages