#72 – Hair Cut Smile

Wet, The scissors chop away the dead, The split, The ends, Snip snip, Brush, Comb and clip, With each I feel a little more, Relaxed, Cleanse, Reshape and make it new, Anything to feel better, The chair holds me, My head tilting in all directions, I look straight at my reflection, Watching a smile, Grow... Continue Reading →


#50 – But I Forgive

I know i didnt quite get there, One day maybe I'll be there, But I forgive, Myself, For I did all that I could do, I forgive you, You did all that I needed you too, Ive been to hard, On us, On me, But we will touch the stars together, We shall see our... Continue Reading →

Poem # 36 – Knit Together

Knit, And click, Purl, And twirl, Knit together, Knit apart, The back, And the front, Knit with speed, And purl with devotion, Knit and click, Sliiiiide it across, Knit with attention, Purl with affection, Bind it off slowly, And neat-ly, Let it ly before you, Admire it, Feel it, All the work you put in,... Continue Reading →

Poem #15- Pretty

Pretty, Pretty with lips of red, Pretty in green, Black skirts and wedge heels, Pretty lost in the music, Pretty smiling in a sensory bombardment, Ardent for a good time, Dancing under rainbow lights, To the sound of days gone by, Pretty walking tall, Pretty knowing all; that this is a rare thing, To feel... Continue Reading →

Poem #13 – Queen

Queen, Be a queen, And rule your own life. Be loyal, Be royal, Wear your crown with pride, Don't hide, Shake it, Leave all the haters waiting in line, It's your time to shine, Head held high, No fucks given, Wear that crown with pride, Be royal, Be loyal, Rule your own life, Be a... Continue Reading →

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