#77 – Fever.

Fever, In the cabin, Fever, In the cabin, Fever, Fever, Pressure, Fever on my mind, Cabin in the fever, Fever in the mind, Cabin pressure tighter, Tighter, Fever, Cabins closing in, By design, Fever in the cabin, Fever on the mind, Fever breathing, Feverish time, Cabin fever, Playing on the mind. Fever.


#76- live outside

This dark corner, Stop living in it, it's not yout friend, Just a check out point, In your mind, Stop, Just get outside, Make it there, In the sunlight, Walk, And keep walking, Dont think, Just walk, Keeping walking, Looking all around, Spot the things that are beautiful, That are ugly, Get outside of yourself,…Read more #76- live outside

#54- Depressed

There is no way i could possibly describe my feelings to you all, For even i do not understand, How could I be in such a state, All because of failed plans, I try not to write too self indulgently, yet today i find myself worriedly off, OFF? you say... Yes ... OFF..... ..off my…Read more #54- Depressed