Those Friends

In plain English, We all have THOSE friends, Friends, whom, say i will be there, be there they are not, given forgiveness, to be undone, once more, THOSE friends, should not be given mercy, if they do it time and time again, There's being nice, but nice can be a step too far, for when…Read more Those Friends


#67 – Grieving Noel

Grieving, Grieving is hard to explain, To express what pain your are feeling, Peeling away layers of memories, Layers of moments, Layers of time, Layers of spaces shared, All that was cared for and more. Grieving, How do you explain, To a friend who has pushed you away, But loves you still, The chill as…Read more #67 – Grieving Noel

#66 – Death and crying.

She died, I cried, Each song and then, He pried and poked, But I wouldnt let him in, Sad tears, No fears, Just numb and dripping in sorrow, Forward to tomorrow, Forward to life, She died, I cried, And I cry still some more, I'll accept once I close the door, Maybe ill become a…Read more #66 – Death and crying.

#58 – Blair and the East

I remember, Fire blooming on the tv, Beasts growling in the night, Buildings crumbling, Dark words reporting, And Blair announcing the near future, I remember the death, The protests, All the speculations and questionable interest, Reasons or the infathomable consequence, A heavy weight, In a wall of death and terror, The choice was made, There…Read more #58 – Blair and the East

Morning Poem #4 – Saint Mary

Arisen, Arisen into the dawn, the dawn that welcomes a new day, a new day for me, for me to be shining bright, bright like the sun, warm rays of washing heat, washing heat swelling with happy vibes, happy vibes given over to by her, by her who is flawless, flawless and saintly, Saint Mary,…Read more Morning Poem #4 – Saint Mary