#79 – Author Mystery

How do I put it on the page, Let my story go, There out in the world, To be at the mercy of glancing eyes, How do I pry my work from myself, To throw it out into the world like a graduate throws their cap up in the air, As if by chance someone…Read more #79 – Author Mystery


#78 – Poetry (National Poetry day)

Today, Nationally, We celebrate, And exclamate, How poetry changes us, Day to day, Night to night, Life to life, Oh poetry, How thou hast clasped me in chains, Soft hard shiny things, Weighing me, My heart and all things, Sweet pens inking my heart out, To a page destined to hide, Hide in purgatory, Till…Read more #78 – Poetry (National Poetry day)

#49 – Pen and Paper Love

Type and type, Write to write, But I love the way paper feels, The pen in my hand, Like companion I have always had, Listening to my thoughts, Things to be heard, Things that should not, My sweet long term lover, How you caress my tears, Elevate my fears, Cherish my love, Committing for eternity,…Read more #49 – Pen and Paper Love

Poem #24 – Writing Life

Writing in colour, Writing in black and in white, Writing in rainbows, Cause every little thing is gonna be alright, Writing in blood, Writing in tears, Writing in fear, Cause such is life, Written for me, Written for you, Written for them, And written in to, History or Herstory, Just to be fair, Writing memories,…Read more Poem #24 – Writing Life

Poem #17 – Poet

Poet, What is a poet, Do they know it?, Do they show it?, Do they rhyme all the time, Do they free verse a lyrically diverse stanza?, Is a poet romantic, Or are they slamming, Jammin out word and after word in absolutely powerful verse, Spoken aloud, To a crowd uncertain of the vocabulary highs…Read more Poem #17 – Poet