Nothing to Hide

Comerad, I have nothing to hide, I skate, I fight, i ride, Eloquently i talk i constinants, About family, Buisness, War and the past, I am a man, A father of a nation, Curtaling the sexual influence to children, And promote reprocreation amongst the adults, You look at me, The enemy, Of a long dead... Continue Reading →


#58 – Blair and the East

I remember, Fire blooming on the tv, Beasts growling in the night, Buildings crumbling, Dark words reporting, And Blair announcing the near future, I remember the death, The protests, All the speculations and questionable interest, Reasons or the infathomable consequence, A heavy weight, In a wall of death and terror, The choice was made, There... Continue Reading →

#55 – Brexit: Chaotic Divorce

I dared not touch this, But like an unwanted kiss, I must address it, Brexit, A folly for over confident fools, The hieght of ignorance, Lies, Lies and political spin, Three hundred and fifty million was the winning number, What a blunder, Blind mice and sheep Pointing fingers at more exotic creatures than their own,... Continue Reading →

#51 – Of Snow and War

Snow, A bloody clash, A shower of arrows, Raining with fearsome folly, Plunging down into the angry wolf, His brother the ghost rode to meet, In a game played by pups, Sweet summer children, Died so brutally, A wave of men came rushing forward, Wild and soldierly, Brandashing steel sharper than words could ever cut,... Continue Reading →

#42 – Scroll Addiction

All in phones, Lost in zones, Attatched and addicted quietly, Rightly knowning, They should throw them away, Allass in rows they stand silently, Scroll, Scroll, Scroll, To only scroll some more, 'Why am I looking at this?', Its because you're addicted to pretty lights, Petty facebook fights, And pointless news stories a plenty, But we... Continue Reading →

#40 – These beats

These beats, These feets of creative meoldy, Base to base, Sound covering your face, Emotions in a volumised ocean, Physically convusling and swaying in motion, Ears deafened by its glorious purpose, Brain dwelling in a feverous endorphic explosion, A bliss, Lyrics like kisses and blows, Whose knows, Music is another gateway to the human soul. ... Continue Reading →

Poem 33 – The Mother of time.

Spinning, We spin, History spins with us, The past of special memories, And of nightmares, The present on going, Changing for the future, For the future is unknown, And yet to come. Stone walls stand for generations, They were clean and new once, Slowly the earth made them dirty, Bid leave for moss to grow,... Continue Reading →

Poem #32 – Waiting to Pay

Bills to pay, Cue's in which to wait, Even on a telephone line, Please be patient, The disembodied voice announced, Half hour later my phone credits run out, Back and forth they throw me, All just to pay my bill, They drain more from me, Exchanging number 1 hits, For my ever growing rage, Answer... Continue Reading →

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