Only one.

In a river, where I should bathe my sorrow, on the morrow it'll just be a sweet dream, comfort me or not, answers have more questions?, I am an inquisitive nature, planting trees, spending time in my garden of wonder, come rain or odins thunder, I wonder, oh how I wonder at the depths of…Read more Only one.


Savage, like a scottish tweet, ya fucking weapon, pouring out profanities, in brogue, hawdin on tae surcasim, a spasm of humor, honest, and deprecating, sumthin tae dae wi a lassie, sum burd, or yer maw, miby yer gentilies, irn bru, std's, goatae catch em all, click, and scroll, and they laugh at them aw, savage.

I have observed

I have observed, recently, the fleeting of life, Thrice, each year a grander loss, I toss and turn, burnt, broken, and hurt, I've observed that, matter of fact, there's no time to hate or, be at odds with others, Clarity comes in the darkness, from what you cannot see, Diamonds fall from the corners of…Read more I have observed