Journey, far across the skies and seas, far away from you, from me, packed up...


46 – Second Atlantis

To the ends of the earth I have roamed, Yet there is no better place to wander, To ponder, And to be in the essence of, History is made here, History is born here, And history will say it was the second Atlantis, No nation have gave more from their occupational passions, Than the wee... Continue Reading →

#39 – Lord Mercedes

Vrrroooooom!, the engine roared, As we flew across the concrete sky, My stomach a flurry, As gravity took hold, Bold and shiny, Looking up the sky fast forwarding by me, For there was no roof, No blocking the wooshing air, My hair a blonde blizzard, Blowing around proudly in the air stream, Scream, Scream if... Continue Reading →

Poem #30 – Haunt The Night

They haunt the night, A movie so lucid, Irrational prophecy, Or patchwork memories, Wrenching from depth of consciousness, From warmth and comfort, From one universe to the next, joyful laughing with eyes shut, Or crying blindly in the darkness, They initiate the deepest of emotions, Swallowing you whole and dragging you under, Thunders, cloud and... Continue Reading →

Poem #19 – Ferry

Leaving the mainland, Leaving for softer sands, For waves, And for the salty sea air, Ferry me away, Ferry me to peace, Ferry me to breathe, And to feel at ease, Ferry me far across the sea, To an island, With a beach, And lots of trees, Walk with me, Collect rocks and pretty shells,... Continue Reading →

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