#38 – Fired

Marred, Tarred, Barred, Fired, Your service is no longer required, Dismissed.


#37 – Comforting Passages

Even when its all done sailed, You've been fired, Impaled on impending reality, It sinks in slowly, A panic in quicksand, Cause you took the wrong step, Now utterly regret, But never forget it was a journey worth having, You cry a torrent, Downloading tears, Uploading new thoughts of miserable acceptance, Clutching hard to the... Continue Reading →

Poem #27 – Broke

Broke, Broke by work again, Broke cause I stayed from dawn till dusk, Broke cause its all a joke, I won't stay for long, Broke, Cause money is fleeting, Bleeding, Hemoraging, Just to live, Just to be at ease, From the stress and endless worries, Broke, From pain, Live, give and gain, From rules and... Continue Reading →

Poem #12 – Graded insanity

Aarrghh!! Aaarrgghh!! Aaarrgghhhhh! Ive missed it, No wait that was just a dream, A nightmare, A failed epilogue to a potential future, These student worries, I must not give in, Make that deadline, And I win, Then the final part begins, Hurry little fingers, Tap for your life, For achievement is everything, Failure is death,... Continue Reading →

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